Thursday, 21 July 2011

Baidu Browser is Google Chrome Copy-Cat including Angry Birds Rip-Off

Baudi, China's search dominator has launched their very own browser today. Look familiar?

The new browser is a clear rip off of Chrome, albeit it inspired by an older version which still featured the large app icons in the tab bar.

The best thing? It even comes with it's own Angry Birds rip off (see screenshot below) with even more annoying music than the original (and that is really saying something...)

Will it see favour with the Chinese public? Only time will tell..

Google tests new Autocomplete UI

As part of the eternal UI testing we've seen lately Google is testing a new style of autocomplete on their UK version of the site.

It's unclear what place the greyed out words will have with this new interface, since although they are both being shown together right now I can't see that being final implementation.