Sunday, 3 May 2009

Chrome Mouse Gestures


Version: 0.21
Released: May 3, 2009
Original Release: May 7, 2007
Creator: Adam Pash
Editor: Owen Campbell-Moore

Windows Only: Rocker provides mouse gestures in Chrome that let you move forward and backward, by simply rocking your fingers across your left and right mouse buttons.

To use this, simply hold down the left mouse button, the hit the right one to go forward, or hold the right, and then hit the left to go backwards. Simple!

License: Rocker is licensed under the GNU Public License.

Download Rocker [Download Mirror]

[Rocker was originally posted on Lifehacker]


  1. Great Mouse Gesture for Chrome but ...
    Link doesn't work... X_X

  2. Link seems to be working on here, I've added a mirror as well, that will definitely work :).

  3. works great. just what i was looking for. thanks heaps!

  4. Hey, was wondering if you might implement this feature as well, which currently still has me stuck loving avant browser: Namely, holding the right mouse button down, and scrolling up or down. If one scrolls up while doing this, it will scroll through the tabs in one direction, while scrolling down scrolls through the previous open tabs.

  5. Totally what I was looking for. Thanks.

  6. hi there. i want to ask, if Chrome is among the supported browsers? I have a version

  7. what about close tab, open tab?

  8. This is exactly what I was looking for because I've been using Opera since about 1998. I tried gmote but the rocking feature isn't there. I've installed Rocker but it doesn't seem to work; Am I missing something? I'm sure it's probably something simple.

  9. AHH OHH! Apologies are in order; It just worked.

    Thanks! I love this feature.

  10. Both links broken :(. Why can't Chrome devs get their act together and get a mouse gestures plugin as good as Mouse Gestures Redox (for Firefox)? I know this is all free and provided out of the goodness of computer science majors' hearts... but I'll whine anyway :)

  11. could someone re-upload the executable please?

  12. Added chrome support on my own, thanks to a comment at Lifehacker which led me to the right direction.