Monday, 4 May 2009

How to get a free domain name + 1 year free hosting from DreamHost?

This offer is no longer available, they must have noticed a sudden influx of members getting free domains...

If you are thinking it’s a joke, it’s NOT. Here is a fully working trick to get a FREE 1-year domain name + Free Unlimited Hosting from DreamHost. Dreamhost is one of world’s most popular and reliable services.

I've tried this method myself and it worked flawlessly. Oh, and if you're wondering, because it see's the cost is $0.00, you don't have to give it any bank details at all.

Follow the steps below carefully to get 1-year domain and Unlimited Dreamhost hosting Free:

Step 1. Sign up for Free Dreamhostapps account. Choose dreamhosters sub-domain in step1. In step 5 fill up your details and sign up.

Step 2. Go to and click sign up Now and choose to Host a domain

Step 3. Fill all the information in, selecting to pay for one year and adding no extras to the account.

Step 4. Very Important - While entering the address choose country as US and not IN. Also enter the same email address which you used for DreamHostApps.

Step 5. Use the Code BARCAMPLA7 for 100% discount.

Note: This offer code is no longer valid.

Step 6. Enjoy!

Screenshot of free years web hosting
[Free hosting tip was originally posted on WebTricks]


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  2. But you can get free domain names from Godaddy.

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