Friday, 13 November 2009

Facebook Notifications Checker for Google Chrome

Facebook Notifications Checker

Version: 0.1
Released: Nov 13, 2009
Creator: Owen Campbell-Moore

Chrome Only: Facebook Notifications Checker updates a little icon in the browser every time you get a new notification on Facebook.

No setup required, this extension automatically works once your account is logged in to facebook.

License: Facebook Notifications Checker is licensed under the GNU Public License.

Download Facebook Notifications Checker


  1. Hey, the zshare download is broken! Can you upload it somewhere else please?

  2. This extension stoped working a while ago (many months ago!)

    I tried to contact you @ facebook with no reply, now I found your blog!

    Please update this extension since I hate the official one which makes a toast-notification appear (I don't want that!) and you have to press its button, to press on the fb logo to go to!
    Your extension ws simple, only showed a number and went to when clicked on it, exactly as I want it!

    Release it open-source at least so other could fix it!
    Thank you!