Wednesday, 19 May 2010

First Chrome Application Ready for Trying

Update (06/06/2011): This guide is now out of date, refer to the Chrome Web Store for chrome apps you can now use!

Following the recent announcement of Chromium supporting 'Installable Web-Apps," here is a guide to try them out before the launch of the official app store.

I have attached to this post a demo of Spark Chess wrapped as a web app, simply following the following instructions to try it out:
  1. Start Chrome with the ---enable-apps flag (right click on your shortcut and edit the link it to have read as follows: "chrome.exe --enable-apps")
  2. Click here in Chrome to install the app!
  3. BONUS: If you want to try out some other applications, I've written another blog post with more links to try out here.
Good luck! Post if you had any problems or thoughts in the comments.

Edit (20/05/2010): Thanks DownloadSquad for writing about and linking back to this page. You can read the article they wrote here.
Edit (21/05/2010): Updated to the correct flag.
Edit (25/05/2010): Updated to the correct flag (it seems to change every build atm).
Edit (13/12/2010): Removed the app since manifest details have changed it no longer installs and this guide is all out of date now, refer to the Chrome Web Store for apps now.


  1. Very cool! Looks great too!

    Any idea if there are any other apps available at this time?

  2. @All night long: I'm not entirely sure, I presume the mac version hasn't caught up with app support, I think you're just gunna have to wait!

    @CJ: I am not yet aware of any others, but they take literally 120 seconds or so to create so it'd be really easy to put together a bunch quickly? I may consider doing that and posting it in the blog :)

  3. Owen: Actually its --enable-extension-apps so that it can work.

  4. Thanks Badr, I've updated the post. The Developer Doc specified the other flag which worked in Chromium. Cheers!

  5. Actually option is --enable-apps

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  7. this isn't working for me. So how you do this is
    1. Right click shortcut
    2. Go to "shortcut" tab, then append the usual target with a space and then "--enable-extension-apps".

    Because when I did exactly that and opened a new window with that shortcut and downloaded the app, it gave me a message "Apps are not enabled". Help?

  8. oops never mind. I've got it.

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