Thursday, 20 May 2010

First Suite of Chrome Applications Available

As I said in my last post, I'm excited Chromium now supports applications installable straight into the start page. Here are the first things you must do to be able to run these applications, then simply chose some to try from below!
  1. To enable Chrome to run apps, simply right click on your shortcut and edit it to have the following properties: "chrome.exe --enable-apps ", then close and re-open Chrome.
Now simply click on one of the below icons to install the application for it!

Update: The Chess app is now an offline application. Try installing it and then turning off internet! Great example of how apps will work in Chrome OS without internet connections.


  1. Thanks for them! And we need moreee! :D

    For example: Google Docs? Google Reader?

  2. I've created a Chrome App for Solitaire.

    You can install it by clicking this:

  3. This isn't working for me... is it exclusively Windows Vista or 7 (I am lucky enough to have XP). Just to check, incidentally, where exactly in the shortcut properties do you add the "chrome.exe --enable-extension-apps"?

  4. The flag has been changed to --enable-apps, try that :)

  5. I've tried all three above, but it seems that only the Spark chess app is working.

    I'm using 6.0.437.3 beta , I have already change the shortcut to "chrome.exe --enable-apps"

    I'm getting an error saying "untrusted extension should have no web_origin"

    What can i do to solve this. Thanks :)

  6. SOHO Mail v1.1.0 for Google Chrome OS and Web Browser is now available from

  7. does not work for me either?

  8. please have the app for READER

  9. You have to download them, "Right-Click Save-As .crx" Then drag the CRX file into a Chrome window.
    You must use the development channel version of Chrome.

  10. i get "bad magic number" error when i try to install chess (i download the extension and drop it on chrome windows) can someone help me please?

  11. Hey, I know it has been years (and years). Do you still have this? And if it doesn't run, do you have the source so that I may get it running?