Friday, 11 June 2010

ChromeOS Early Screenshots

This is basically for all the geeks out there who can't help but speculate over ChromeOS features. I've been doing lots of digging into the latest ChromeOS and Chrome developments lately. Here are some of the more interesting screenshots I've found.

Image 1 is the first thing a user will see when they start up a ChromeOS machine for the first time.

Image 2 is the new login screen for ChromeOS that will be used to select which user to login as. After logging in I believe you'll be restored with all of your tabs/extensions/bookmarks just where you were when you left off on any other ChromeOS device.

Image 3 is one of the ways ChromeOS will support switching tabs (possibly windows too, I'm unsure).

Credit for the 3rd image goes to the GoogleOperatingSystem blog which is definitely worth taking a look at!

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