Friday, 11 June 2010

The new apps-integrated Chrome home screen

As always, DomainRange have the latest on how the newly launched Apps for Google Chrome are going to integrate into the current New Tab page in the future might be interested by the attached screenshot. This is the latest Chromium build manages showing both sets of icons.

Nothing ground breaking, but definitely interesting! Seems very promising for the future of a web based OS... Now how long until they're bullied into supporting folders of applications or multiple home screens... hmm...

Anyone interested can try out the setup for themselves by following the instructions here.


  1. Hi

    I can't seem to run the apps in chrome, they are sitting in my extensions folder, but not on my new tab.

    How do I access them in chrome, or is it chromium only?

  2. Have you installed them fine by downloading a CRX file?

    Otherwise have you tried opening the extensions page in Chrome and clicking "Developer Mode", then "Load unpacked extension" and find your extension folder?

  3. Yes, they are showing in my extensions folder, as installed. I used the ones you host.

    However, even though they are showing there, they do not show on the new tab screen.